Ending Canada’s HIV epidemic begins and ends with each of us.

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Together, we can end this global epidemic, and ensure that everyone has the care and support they need to live full and healthy lives.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

We’re all the positive effect. A diverse alliance of passionate people living with HIV, and the people, communities and organizations who support them.

Our purpose:
shifting mindsets, ENRICHing LIVES.

EFFECTIVELY ENDING the epidemic in Canada within 5 years.

Within 5 years...

Let's stop HIV stigma & remarkably lower HIV-related discrimination
Let's boost the percentage of people living with HIV who are diagnosed to over 95%
Let's ensure >95% of people who know their status are on treatment & virus suppressed

Powerful storytelling meets evidence-based action

To get there, we’re confronting and openly talking about HIV-related stigma and discrimination on our own terms, and creating the space for others like you to join in. At the same time, we're exploring, innovating and acting on effective ways and ideas to improve access to testing and care.

Actively connecting and working together, we're a Canada-wide network of leaders, organizations, communities and people committed to the health and well-being of people living with HIV. Our priority is to reach the undiagnosed, and ultimately link people living with HIV to the care they need to live long and healthy lives, and to truly thrive!

Our mission is to be everywhere

In stories and art, on the street, in videos, news media and social space. This is where we'll debunk misinformation and myths about HIV. It's where we'll shift mindsets through dialogue, shared experience, insight and imagination.

Our values guide our ultimate goal to enrich lives and end the epidemic. They define and inform everything we do.

Courage & resilience

The very DNA of The Positive Effect: the profound will and resolve that flow from the powerful exchange of our stories of lived experience. This fuels everything we do and decisions we make.

Curiosity & creativity

By weaving fresh perspective and imagination through our actions, opportunities and challenges, we strive to engage people in new and innovative ways. We especially thrive when we challenge the status quo and stretch beyond.


Respecting our world, communities and people. Respect and integrity extend to all the societies and communities we interact with. We support and celebrate all extraordinary people, causes and perspectives.

Data meets human touch

Boldly pursuing our purpose, we're meshing the wisdom and insight of people living with HIV––as well as those at-risk and affected by HIV––with evidence-based information and knowledge.

We’re greater than the sum of our parts

We're big on community and partnerships, openly sharing knowledge and expertise, experiences and ideas.

Our community partners

To dismantle HIV-related stigma, and reach our testing, care and prevention goals, we’re grateful to partner with many diverse communities and organizations across Canada.

Whether it's to provide links to valuable resources or to help extend our reach through their established networks––and in many further ways––each partner uniquely contributes to the development and continuum of The Positive Effect. Together we share the passion and vigilance that will end the epidemic.

Our funders & supporters

Through financial and in-kind contributions, a variety of stakeholders and agencies fuel The Positive Effect. Without their generous support, we wouldn’t be here today!

Let’s talk about our shared passion to end Canada’s HIV epidemic. Please reach out with your thoughts and ideas, and how we can work together.

Listen to people living with HIV. We are the best advisors, we know what’s best for the community and what’s best for us because we are the community.

from the Pozcast, Poetic Justice