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Based in Toronto but global in outlook, pozcast challenges the status quo and celebrates people living and thriving with HIV. Host James Watson and his guests explore what it means to be poz and share stories of resilience, courage and resolve.

Pozcast gets upfront and personal on issues that matter to the HIV community through candid conversations about health, work, love and life.

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Drop us a line at pozcasts4u@gmail.com if you are interested in being a guest on pozcast, or if you have any comments or questions about the show.

Pozcast is produced by The Positive Effect, which is brought to you by REACH Nexus at the MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions. The Positive Effect is a facts-based, lived experience movement powered by people living with HIV.

We're eager to showcase and provide a platform for our pozcast guests, but please note that our guests are not speaking on behalf of The Positive Effect, REACH Nexus or the MAP Center for Urban Health Solutions.

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