Season 2
Episode 29

Shaun Proulx: Get tested, f#@k stigma and meditate!

April 19, 2024

In this episode of our pozcast, James Watson shares the mic with the ever-vibrant Shaun Proulx. Known as "Canada's Gay Oprah" by the Huffington Post, Shaun brings his life's open book to the  table. From headlining “The Shaun Proulx Show” on SiriusXM Canada Talks to pioneering, and publishing Canada’s first digital queer magazine,, his journey of self-reinvention and raw reaction to  an HIV positive diagnosis inspires.

Shaun's story is a powerful call-to-shed-fears, embrace testing, and reject stigma. With a spirited refusal to be defined by HIV, he reminds us all: HIV isn’t a death sentence, we're living in an era of miracles. Tune in for an episode that transforms perceptions, one laugh at a time.

Our episode guest

Shaun Proulx

Media personality, writer and broadcaster

Shaun Proulx lights up weekends with “The Shaun Proulx Show” on SiriusXM CanadaTalks 167, now captivating audiences into its 11th year. Beyond the airwaves, he dives into the world of episodic disabilities with The Realize Podcast: Nurturing Potential, Inclusion, and Belonging, where he serves as producer, writer, and host. As the pioneering publisher behind, Canada's premiere digital queer magazine since 2002, Shaun continues to shape the landscape of LGBTQ+ media. At home, his heart belongs to his beloved dog.

Questions for Shaun...

Love or respected? Loved

Sort by price or by rating? Price

Be embarrassed or be afraid? Embarrassed

Watch a play or a drag show? Watch a play... "sorry queens!"

Visual learner or verbal learner? Visual

I don’t give a flying f#@k what anyone thinks about me in the broadest sense of that sentence... I’m not apologizing for it, and I don’t accept your stigma.

Embracing Authenticity and Rejecting Stigma

Shaun boldly refuses to accept stigma associated with being HIV positive, declaring his humanity and the universal nature of human experiences. He emphasizes living authentically without apology––setting a tone of empowerment for listeners.

A transformative journey

Shaun pivoted from a high-earning finance professional to a celebrated voice in media and activism. Spurred by personal dissatisfaction and a yearning for meaningful engagement, this is the sort of courage that fuels passion against all odds.

If I could do this with what I’m really bad at, numbers, what would I achieve if I worked with what I’m really good at, what I love doing?
“The Shaun Proulx Show” on SiriusXM Canada Talks

Living Positively with HIV

Shaun discusses how HIV has impacted his life, not just physically but socially and professionally. He talks about making a living by being himself, and transforming his HIV status into a platform for advocacy and education. And a positive outlook throughout!

To the degree that I’ve made money off of writing about my experiences as an HIV positive person... I’ve done that, harnessing the power of making lemonade out of lemons.
Importance of Self-Care and Meditation

Day to day, meditation and gratitude play crucial roles in Shaun's routine, contributing to overall well-being and mental health. These practices help him stay grounded and maintain a positive mindset no matter what life throws at him.

I meditate five out of seven days a keeps me chill. And so I would highly, highly recommend it. Start with five minutes. Just sit quietly for five minutes. It will change your life.

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