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Share your HIV experience

Be the positive effect.

Your story matters and sharing it can be a powerful way to help others. It can inspire someone to seek help, to let them know they’re not alone. Sharing can also be a good way to get something off your chest.
Choose any shape and form––a written story or something more abstract, like a poem. You don’t need to be a professional writer to share. Feel free to include a photo or image, or a video or audio file (choose only one) to express your HIV story...
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To ensure this website is a safe space for people to share their stories, note that all posts are reviewed before they are visible on the site.

The Positive Effect reserves the right to reject any submission if it doesn't meet our full guidelines, terms and conditions—please review these here.

Terms of Submission


By submitting your content to The Positive Effect, you specifically grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual worldwide license to post this content on this public website and on social media pages (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) affiliated with The Positive Effect for promotional purposes. We may also use this content on other REACH Nexus web properties or social media accounts.

We respect other people’s rights and expect you to do the same. You will not post content that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law. This includes posting photos, writing and art that do not belong to you.

You will not post anyone else’s identification documents or sensitive/personal information.

We can remove any content or information you post if we believe that it violates this Statement or our policies. Furthermore, if your content violates these rules and results in litigation against The Positive Effect, you agree to cover any and all resulting costs, fees, and damages.

We invite people to report instances where their Intellectual Property (writing, photos or art) has been posted without their permission.

If we remove your content for infringing someone else’s copyright, and you believe we removed it by mistake, we will provide you with an opportunity to appeal.

Guidelines for submission

Just so you know, we won’t share any of your personal information—you can even submit your story anonymously if you like. We may edit some stories to make things a bit clearer for those reading it. If our proposed edits are more extensive than minor adjustments to punctuation, we will contact you for your review and approval before publishing.

Safety and privacy are of the utmost importance. Therefore, please be advised that all posts must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • stories without a personal connection to, or surrounding HIV will not be accepted;
  • stories must be no more than 300 words;
  • please only include photographs or other materials that you own. If you choose not to include any images, The Positive Effect will choose an image that best represents the content in your submission;
  • please do not include personal identifiable information, such as phone number, mailing address, or email on publicly available portions of submissions;
  • posts should not include personally identifying information of individuals associated with the story you are sharing;
  • the post should not misrepresent data or information;
  • posts should not include broad political statements or arguments;
  • stories that contain malicious, threatening, illegal, graphic, abusive, offensive or otherwise inappropriate content, or that promotes or advocates illegal activity may not be posted;
  • posts that contain inaccurate or malicious attacks related to any person, entity, or organization will not be posted onto the site;
  • you can highlight your foundation or organization’s work, however this page cannot be used ton solicit donations to fundraising pages of any kind;
  • please note that, unfortunately, we are unable to respond to any questions, or offer advice or information in relation to personal matters

Despite these licensing agreements, we understand that sometimes over time it can feel less comfortable to have your story published on a website. While once something is published on the internet it can never be fully retracted, we are open to removing your content from our website if you no longer want it to be live on our property. If you would like us to remove your previously submitted story from our website please contact us at (